Korean Friction Welding Manufacturer korea Friction welding manufacturer korea Friction welding manufacturer
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korea Friction welding manufacturer
Friction Welding Machine
Korean Friction welding manufacturer
Friction welding manufacturer in korea korea Friction welding manufacturer
Korean Friction welding manufacturer

Please contact LPR Global, the authorized representative for U-Jin Tech products in areas of North America and Europe.
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korea Friction welding manufacturer Exhibited at the EMO Hannover 2019 - Friction Welding machine
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korea Friction welding manufacturer Friction Welding Machine - Catalogue 2018
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Korea Friction welding manufacturer

 U-Jin Tech cooperation is a leading Friction welding manufacturer in Korea and we commit to contribute for development and supply the friction welding machine such as Hydraulic Friction Welding Machine, CNC Friction Welding Machine, Ultrasonic Testing Machine, Servo Friction Welding, etc through advanced technology and long term experience as Friction welding machine manufacturer and processing welding business. We shall make efforts constantly to improve of valuable customer¡¯s business as Friction welding machine specialist manufacturer.

Friction Welding Machine

 In friction welding machine, one component is rotated and one component is held stationary. The friction welding machine part that is rotated is brought into contact with the stationary component and when enough heat has been generated to bring the components to a plastic state and the desired burn off has been achieved, rotation is stopped. More axial force is then applied between the two components resulting in a solid state bond at the interface forming a friction welded joint. Direct drive friction welding is able to weld dissimilar metal and non-ferrous metal.
korea Friction welding manufacturer